I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It is hands down one of my favorite holidays of the year. There is just something about it, it almost feels like it gets carried on the cool breezes during the fall evenings. It’s hard to explain but between the season changes, the tree foliage changing hues, and oh yeah all those spooky ghosts and jack-o-lanterns you can’t help but get this child like feeling of wonder.

Ok, well enough about that. This post is to notify you guys on the things I plan on posting over the course of October. Since I love this time of the year, and this holiday so much, most of everything I will post about will be Halloween themed. Some of the the posts I plan on writing include:

  • My top 10 horror novels for Halloween
  • Halloween gaming…….Wednesdays
  • Horror movies for Halloween……….Fridays
  • Halloween movies to watch with your kids……Saturdays

I plan on the Top 10 novels list to be a one shot this season, maybe in the future it will branch out to be something more, but for now I would like to just keep it short and sweet. The Halloween gaming, Horror movies for Halloween, and Halloween movies to watch with your kids, will be a once a week post for each subject. I have designated the set day for each post next to the topic in the list above.

So, starting the first week of October, please join me as we celebrate the month of the haunt.

As always, thank you for reading and please join us next time!