This month will be a little of a busy one for me as we are adding content to our network this month and we are also working on projects to get something with Youtube off the ground and have recorded video for the podcast. This is something that we have been tinkering with for some time now and I hope that we are on the verge to having it in the final stages. I wish that I could announce that a Youtube channel would be up and running this month but, I just cant safely announce that yet…sorry, guys. Just trust me when I say that we are working on it. For now, you all know how this is done, so, here is the run down for May.

  • New Grindcast Episodes (Mondays and Fridays)
  • New Miserable Movie Mafia Episodes (Fridays)
  • Ball Buster Video Episodes (Tuesdays)
  • Current Movie Reviews (Spoiler free text version)
  • Restaurant Reviews ( Bay City, Blue Moon)
  • Loot Crate Review (When it arrives)

That is going to be the plan for this month’s content. I will continue to write a Current Movie Review so everyone will have a spoiler free version of our movie review to read. Another quick announcement, we are toying around with the idea of a monthly contest where listeners to the podcasts could win a prize. Again, we are messing with the idea, but plan on going through with it sometime in the near future. Now, I know I teased a lot of things in this update, but I have been very excited by the new shows that we added and all the plans that we have for the future. I just couldn’t keep everything a secret from you guys. So, as I always do at the end of a post, I am going to give you the regular schtick. You can find all episodes of Grindcast, Miserable Movie Mafia and Ball Buster Video at the following places

  • iTunes
  • (streaming only)
  • Facebook/ (streaming and download links)

You should also check out the blog for Miserable Movie Mafia and Ball Buster Video at Finally, please like our Facebook page and subscribe to the feed by clicking the email link and while you are doing that, why not share with a friend and help build this awesome community!

As always, thanks for reading and please join us next time!