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This time around, my wife and I visited Bay City; a seafood restaurant nestled down from the major shopping centers of Hanover, Pa. We have passed this place a couple of times on our way to Timeline Arcade and ever since the first time I had seen that it was a seafood restaurant, I have been dying to go. Being the seafood lover I am, I was tickled pink the day that we decided to make this a review. The establishment itself is rather big with a main dining area, a bar lounge and outside patio seating. So, did we like it, or is Red Lobster still the place to go for seafood? Let’s continue on to find out.


From the outside, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we went in the front doors, but I didn’t think I was going to see a host station like this.baycity13 Pretty, baron and not very welcoming I have to say. This just screams truck stop diner in my opinion. A couple of things just get to me about this set up. First, who the hell are any of these people in the pictures? There weren’t any plaques to describe who the people were or even why they were hung in the first place. Secondly, the wallpaper is hideous with this lighthouse bordering that runs the entire length of the room and hallways down to the restrooms. Lastly, there is this sign that just stands out like a sore thumb with this message pasted on it informing you that the dining room is closed on Mondays and that you will be baycity14seated in the non-smoking lounge. Why? Why would you have your main dining area closed on that particular day?  To the left, I included a photo of the Tuesday through Sunday only dining area. So, we where then escorted into the lounge and, I have to say, that besides a few weird choices, I liked the way the lounge looked.baycity11 The color scheme was nice and the surrounding decor was tropical with stained wooden palm tree lamps and teak wood flooring. We sat in a booth that was comfortable and very clean. So, besides some hideous curtain choices, the lounge was clean and comfortable. Also to mention, all the staff was very friendly and our waitress, Harmony, did a great job serving us!baycity12



Enough about the style of the restaurant, let’s get into the reason why we are all here…the food. The menu itself was pretty big, providing everything that anyone could ask for. I was happy to see that the menu items were based more around seafood dishes and they had a variety of them. So, let’s get started, like we always do, and go into the drinks.



Mounds Freeze…$6.25

As always, to do a restaurant review off right you have to have an alcoholic beverage! This was the drink that my wife got: the Mounds Freeze. This drink consisted of chocolate rum, pineapple and coconut flavors and ice cream. She loved this drink because it tasted just like a mounds bar and, of course, because it was chocolate as well.


Pina Colada…$6.25

I decided to get a girly drink this time around in the spirit of being somewhere tropical. I got a Pina Colada freeze. The classic drink is made with pineapple juice, rum and coconut. This drink was a tad bit different because it was made with ice cream to make it a “freeze.” The ice cream was coconut flavored and it made for a very delicious drink!



Seafood Nachos…$11.50

Being regulars to Red Lobster, we have ordered their shrimp nachos a couple of times. So, when we had seen that they had seafood nachos that not only had shrimp but also crab and scallops as well, we just had to try it out. Man, let me tell you, this dish was amazing!! They made a seafood cheese sauce that matched perfectly with the flavors of the seafood and tortilla chips. We literally were scraping the plate for more of the cheese sauce, and we both agreed that these blew Red Lobsters nachos out of the water.



The second that my wife had seen that they had coconut shrimp on the menu, that’s all she was talking about. Well, she also was going on and on about scallops too, so she was pretty happy when she found a pick-two option on the menu that had both coconut shrimp and a scallops au gratin. She loved the coconut shrimp and was pleasantly surprised by the scallops au gratin. The scallops were covered in another tasty cheese sauce and seasoned well with old bay, then topped with butter and bread crumbs and baked. I got to try the shrimp and scallops and found them to be pretty good. With the meals, you also get a choice of two sides. One of those sides my wife chose was a salad (which I didn’t think I needed a picture of) and these Old Bay fries. Sadly, these fries were not really that great; bland and not crispy at all.

Pick 2…$19.50


I also went with a pick two. I chose a 12oz marinated steak and a cluster of snow crab legs served with drawn butter. The steak was cooked exactly to the temp I desired and the snow crab was perfect (as crab normally is). The legs were not over-steamed and the meat slid right out without any fuss (which I sometimes have a problem with at Red Lobster). The marinade of the steak was light and didn’t overpower the taste of the cut. I also got to choose two sides and I got a salad as well and those Old Bay fries.

Pick 2…$19.50



We ordered a key lime pie for dessert. Now, I will admit that, from the photo, this pie doesn’t really look very great. Well, it tasted fine, but I didn’t really think it was anything to rant and rave over. Good, but pretty standard.

Key Lime Pie…$5.95


For me, this restaurant brought me to a state where I felt like I was at an establishment at the shore. It has that charm that most restaurants have in those sorts of areas. The meals were excellent and, despite a few little mediocre things here and there, we loved everything we ate and drank. If you are looking for another place that serves seafood that isn’t Red Lobster, or sold out of a steam truck, then I say give this place a try. We certainly will be going back. Still, for some things I like them much better than Red Lobster but, overall, Red Lobster still ranks higher (because of those damn delicious biscuits!)

THE GOOD: Great food, fair prices, clean dining room, SEAFOOD!!!

THE BAD: Mediocre dessert, some weird design choices, Old Bay fries

SCORE: 7.5 out of 10

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