Ever since we started Grindcast and I let it slip that I love Godzilla movies, I have been asked what some of my favorites are. So, I figured that I would give my top ten. Now, keep in mind, this list is going to be compiled using all Godzilla films to date and it’s my personal favorites. I would love to hear from you guys what your top ten are, so drop them in the comments!!! Let’s get this started with number 10!


That’s right! We are starting off with the 2014 Godzilla! Now, I know, I know, this movie really didn’t have a whole lot of actual Godzilla in it, (about twelve minutes in total to be exact) but we have to keep in mind that Godzilla, most of the time, is not the main focus of the films and it’s more about the people trying to survive the tragedy. With that being said, this movie goes a little bit too far with the human end and pulls away multiple times from the kaiju battles. I still remember how angry I got when I saw this in the theater and they pulled away from the first fight, only showing a small bit of it on a tv screen in the background. Also, we were made to believe that Bryan Cranston would play a main role and he dies within the first ten minutes…oh well! Despite the things I found wrong with the movie, I found it to be a solid Godzilla flick and sits great at number 10!


Next up we have the classic Godzilla VS Space Godzilla!! Honestly, with a title like that, you would think that they were running out of ideas… and you would be kinda right! Still, having two Godzillas is pretty awesome to me, even if the design of Space Godzilla is pretty ridiculous and uninspired. So, the plot of this film is pretty crazy. First, Space Godzilla is formed by Godzilla’s cells that went into space, which they give two explanations on how they got there. 1- Godzilla’s cells were on Mothra during a battle they were in together; Mothra ascends into space and essentially decomposes into tiny butterflies and dissipates into space. 2 – When Godzilla killed Biolante, its cells and some of Godzilla’s also went into space…and…boom Space Godzilla! If that’s not crazy enough, we have a telepathic woman working with scientists trying to create a sonar-like dish to try and control Godzilla using the psychic’s mind. We also have a guy trying to hunt Godzilla all-the-while being followed by Godzilla’s Pillsbury Doughboy-looking son; a mole-looking robot; and kidnapping. Trust me, just watch it; it will change your life!


Some of you that watch Godzilla films might wondering why I have this so low on my list. Well, much like Godzilla 2014, this movie suffers from there being too much human story line and pushes the Godzilla side of the plot to the sidelines. So, that is the only reason why it gets pushed lower on the scale. The good thing about the human story is that most of the characters are in a faction of super-humans that are trained to fight giant monsters, but it gets dragged down with an internal conflict between the main protagonist and a fellow officer. The fun starts when an alien race of emo-japanese guys comes and traps all of the world’s monsters, except Godzilla. The aliens play friendly at first, but we all know that is bullocks and they unleash all the collected monsters on the world. Godzilla emerges and begins killing all the monsters which are as follows: a newly robotized Gigan, Anguirus, Rodan, Kamacuras, Kumonga, King Caesar, Ebira, Zilla, Hedorah, and almost every monster ever made. Godzilla then faces off against Monster X, which turns out to be King Ghidorah. Oh, and Godzilla’s son, Manilla, is also in the film, and he is palling around with a human boy and his father. I know this is a huge plot to take in, but if you want Matrix-style fighting mixed in with Godzilla murdering other monsters and aliens mixed in for good measure, watch this flick!!!


This is where the films are going to start getting great! This flick right here is fantastic and probably has some of the best special effects seen in a Godzilla movie made by Toho, including the new design they chose for the Godzilla suit. The design mixes both the old and new perfectly, and they gave Godzilla these dead white eyes that make him look even more ruthless. So, what is going on in this movie? Well, after a long time of peace and no occurrences of monsters, people have forgotten about them and all the Kaiju have become legends. Suddenly, there is some unexplained activity in multiple places across Japan.  Not too long after one event, Baragon appears and starts making his way in a specific direction. This is when things start getting great. Godzilla appears and just starts tearing cities apart. One scene I love is where people are running in panic and an older womasn is screaming that Godzilla is not real, he is just a legend. She runs outside to be greeted by Godzilla. She starts screaming, and Godzilla begins powering up his atomic breath. We are then taken to a elementary school room in session. The room shakes violently and the teacher and children turn to look out the classroom windows to see a mushroom cloud in the distance. So, yeah the direction of the film is just great, and the action will blow you away!!!


Ok, I will try and make this a little bit shorter. I love this movie for the fact that it is like an old-fashioned Godzilla movie. It uses the classic formula of Godzilla emerging from the sea and begins raging havoc on poor old Japan. While that is going on, a small research team in investigating an anomaly in the ocean depths and come across a weird-looking rock formation that they manage to bring it to the surface. Well, the object that they discovered turns out to be of alien origin and it starts attacking Godzilla and Japan as well. There is a surprise at the end that I don’t want to ruin for anyone, so I will end this here, but I highly recommend for you to watch this movie.

That is it for the first part of this article!!! Part 2 will be up soon!!!

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